Tourism Potentials

Guinea’s tourism potentials have remained almost unexploited whereas they offer a variety of sites that are as attractive as every other, whether one considers fine sand beaches, verdant islands, mountains with their falls and micro-climate, the savanna where the big game roams through and wanders around and constitutes a wonderful hunting ground. Guinea also offers valuable sites of great interest:

NIOKOLO – BADIAR and Upper NIGER national parks; Chimpanzees at Bossou living in community under the leadership of a patriarch; they use a tool (woodstick) to pick fruits from trees and dig holes. Mount Nimba viviparous toads which reproduce by giving birth to small toads instead of laying eggs. The bridegroom veil sparkling out of a waterfall of exceptional beauty and unbelievable brightness, looking so much like a bridal veil. The Lady of Mali caved by erosion in the rock on a mountain and gives the perfect image of a woman. The slave trade sites at Dubreka and Boffa.
Finally, it should be recalled that Guinea is the motherland of the famous African Ballets, the best percussionists of the continent, bands and several musical groups of world renown.