The population of Guinea is the primary wealth of the country; it is made up of a mosaic of peoples who came generally from elsewhere to constitute a new population that is the major asset of the country today.

This population is characterized by the following features:

its dynamism and its capacity for adaptation which explain the reasons for the active presence of Guinean nationals everywhere in Africa and even in Europe, Asia and America;
its leaning towards social progress demonstrated by the very high position held by the Guinean woman in the society;
its artistic creativity which permitted Guinean bands like Bembeya Jazz National, Guinean singers such as Kouyaté Sory Kandia and Mory Kanté, Guinean writers, novelists, poets, narrators and painters to be pushed to the top of world reputation.
its legendary hospitality. Whether in Maritime, Middle, Upper Guinea or in the Forest Region of Guinea, everywhere the visitor feels at home, he is well received and pampered. As a result, foreigners who have visited Guinea once are still keeping in mind the lavish hospitality accorded them. It is also for this reason that Guinea has hosted up to 800,000 refugees, i.e. 10 % of its population. These men, women and children fleeing the ravages of war in their countries have been brotherly received in Guinea;
its opposition to any form of violence. The climate of peace prevailing in the country is largely explained by the aversion of the people to violence.

These predispositions of the Guinean population make Guinea a good destination, both for tourists and investors.